How Do You Straighten Natural Hair?

How Do You Straighten Natural Hair?

The simplest and most effective straightening method is by doing what is known as a blow out. For your blow out, you need a blow-dryer. If you don't have or choose not to use a blow-dryer with an attached comb and a heat protectant for your hair, you need a separate comb or paddle brush. If you have strong hair and want extra straightness, a flat iron can also be used.

  1. Detangle and protect your hair

    This is the most important step, because straightening tangled hair is impossible, while adding heat to unprotected hair is damaging. Try to detangle with minimal conditioner if possible, as that adds to frizz during the drying process. Once your hair is detangled, add a small amount of protectant, taking care to coat each strand carefully.

  2. Blow-dry your hair

    Using your blow-dryer's comb attachment, or a paddle brush with your blow-dryer, dry your hair from root to tip. Make sure you don't neglect the back of your hair or the ends, as wet hair shrinks and curl as it dries.

  3. Flat iron your hair

    For a bone-straight relaxer look, you can flat iron your hair as well. Make sure to add more heat protectant before flat ironing, because the possibility of heat damage increases when a flat iron is used after blow-drying.