How Do You Straighten Your Hair With Coconut Milk?

Mix coconut milk, canned or fresh, with lemon juice to make a hair mask that both deep conditions and allows the hair to dry straighter than usual. Apply the mask weekly to obtain consistent results.

Coconut milk works as a deep conditioner for hair.

Step 1: Mix coconut oil with lemon juice

Add the juice of a lemon to 1 cup of coconut milk. Mix thoroughly to combine.

Step 2: Coat the hair with the coconut milk and lemon juice

Pour the coconut milk and lemon juice over the hair and squeeze the hair to work the mixture through the strands.

Step 3: Wrap hair in a warm towel

Wrap a warm towel around the hair to help the coconut milk and lemon juice work on the hair. Leave the towel on the hair for at least 15 minutes to allow the mixture to work.

Step 4: Wash the hair

Wash the hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry the hair. It should be straighter than usual after blow drying.

Step 5: Use regularly

Use the coconut milk and lemon juice mask regularly to help deep condition and straighten the hair. Keep out of the sun while lemon juice is on the hair, since this can cause bleaching to occur.