How Do I Straighten My Eyelashes?

straighten-eyelashes Credit: Shuji Kobayashi/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Eyelashes can be straightened using an eyelash enhancer, or by applying an eyelash-straightening chemical. Another way to straighten eyelashes is to use a heated eyelash curler, and pull it along the length of the eyelashes from base to tip. A chemical eyelash straightener can be applied in a salon.

To straighten eyelashes without utilizing a chemical process or a heated curler, individuals can purchase an eyelash enhancer, which typically strengthens and conditions the lashes. This makes them appear straighter. An enhancer may also make lashes appear more voluminous, and have a more substantial texture.

Most people seek to curl their eyelashes. However, some people do prefer the appearance of straight eyelashes.