What Stores Sell Sheer Cover?

As of December 2013, Sheer Cover Studio is only available through the company's website, according to the product's manufacturer, Guthy-Renker. The company states they believe online sales offer better value to its customers, as this avoids the high mark-up prices often found in retail stores.

Sheer Cover Studio is a makeup foundation that advertises the natural-looking and smooth appearance created by its products. The company notes this is in contrast to the look of most traditional makeup foundations, which sometimes tend to look caked on and a bit heavy. Instead of getting becoming softened or disappearing altogether in the course of a busy day, Sheer Cover Studio doesn't look cracked or dry after hours of wear. The advantage of Sheer Cover Studio is that it works to smooth out imperfections instead of highlighting them, according to the company website. Skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne and rosacea are camouflaged by blending the proper Sheer Cover Studio shade onto the affected area.

Another benefit of Sheer Cover Studio is the variety of shade choices. Finding the right makeup shade is challenging for many women, but Sheer Cover notes that their shades are reflective of the wide range of skin tones that women have. Additionally, Sheer Cover products do not contain fillers, dyes, preservatives, silicone or chemicals. They are also noncomedogenic, so they don't clog pores.