What Stores Sell Manic Panic?

stores-sell-manic-panic Credit: Steven Depolo/CC-BY 2.0

Manic Panic can be found at retail stores such as Sally Beauty Supply, Hot Topic and Walgreens. There are also two Manic Panic salons in California that carry the product as well.

The Manic Panic company brands itself as "counter culture hair color cosmetics and fashion." The company was founded in 1977 by sisters Tish and Snooky, members of the band Blondie. The original store boutique catered to the alternative and punk rock crowd. In the late '80s, the sisters added hair dyes in a multitude of different colors with lip, nail and eye color to match. This line took off in popularity in the 1990s and gained popularity with the general public as well as celebrities and fashion models.

Manic Panic offers different options when it comes to hair dye including semi-permanent vegan hair dye, temporary hair color styling gel and bleach kits. There are also Glam Strips, which are dyed strips of either real or synthetic hair consumers can clip into their own hair. This adds a touch of color without going through the entire dyeing process. Another alternative to dyeing one's hair is to consider purchasing one of Manic Panic's wigs, with cuts that are created personally by Tish.