What Are Some Stores That Sell Leatherworking Tools and Supplies?


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Leather workers can find tools and supplies from various online stores, including weaver Leather Supply, Zack White Leather Co. and BuckleGuy.com. These stores provide an assortment of leathercraft tools and supplies to help hobbyists and businesses with their next projects. Tools and supplies available on these sites are ideal for making different types of leather items including handbags and purses.

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Weaver Leather Supply provides a catalog for leather supplies from top tanneries across the country. These range from leather pieces to bridles, belt blanks to rawhide. Catalog items represent categories, with each category giving the buyer a list of related leather items. Buyers can buy a single piece or buy several pieces at a go. As of 2016, this site offers free shipping for leather purchases over $50. While at Weaver Leather Supply, a buyer can also access hand-selected tools from various categories ranging from awls to punches.

Zack White Leather Co. stocks a complete line of Osborne tools and other major brand names. Buyers can purchase these on both retail and wholesale terms. Some of the newest addition to the inventory include the 3/4-inch round belt punch, wood slicker burnishing tool and the 7/8-inch Osborne round belt punch. Listings come complete with descriptions, price and reviews.

BuckleGuy.com allows the buyer to find some of the bestselling leather tools as of a particular date. Items on this site come in categories, allowing the buyer to select a suitable category for a faster purchase.

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