What Stores Sell Izod for Women?


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Sears is one of the few traditional stores that sell Izod for women, while Izod for men can be found in chain stores like JCPenny, Belk and Kohl's. There are many online retailers that carry Izod for women, so there are ways to find it.

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The products carried by Sears are mostly golf apparel, including several shirts and skirts from which women can choose. The shirts come in a sleeveless polo styles with collars, while the skirts are khaki in color and come in soft materials.

Brick-and-mortar store selection is somewhat limited, but such establishments can be more convenient because customers can go into the stores to try on products instead of chancing the clothes not fitting when ordering online. If the selection available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores is not wide enough, women may need to go through online retailers like Garff Shirts or Merchology.

Online retailers have different return policies and guarantees than stores like Sears. Checking these policies before ordering makes it easier to deal with products that don't fit as desired when received. Some of the items at Sears can be ordered online as well if the customer's local store does not carry Izod or a specific item.

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