What Stores Sell Henna Ink?

There are many convenience stores, markets, grocery stores, and online shops that sell henna ink. This is popular in Middle Eastern stores, specifically Indian and Egyptian stores and bazaars. Amazon sells henna ink, powder and tattoo kits online for less than $10. The Henna Page endorses its supplier, Mehandi.com, and those interested can call or email them for orders. Henna King sells various henna products online for a discounted price.

Henna ink is good for temporary tattoo that will last for two to four weeks. Other suppliers call it henna tattoo paste and sell it in a kit together with different colors, applicator bottles, rubber gloves, a transfer marker and design book. Professionals prefer to buy henna powder from Pakistan (Jamila), India or Morocco. These imported inks are usually fresher and finer, which makes them the best on the market. Eucalyptus oil is often added to the henna powder to create the paste.

Some people use black henna for a more permanent-looking tattoo. Black henna, that contains the chemical paraphenylenediamine (PPD), is a black dye and should be used as hair dye only. PPD can cause an allergic reaction to the skin and other harmful effects. It can also leave a permanent scar.