What Stores Sell Discontinued Harley Clothing?

Both HouseofHarley.com and PlanetHarley.com sell discontinued Harley Davidson merchandise as of 2015. Both websites sell discontinued clothing, in addition to other trinkets, collectibles and new items as well.

House of Harley Davidson is a Milwaukee-based online store that sells both current and discontinued Harley Davidson themed items and apparel for both men and women. Discontinued items for sale include belts, chaps, hoodies, jackets, jeans and long- and short-sleeve shirts. Other discontinued items include vests, gloves, hats, helmets and holiday-themed items. Prices range from around $40.00 to nearly $600.00, with the most expensive items consisting of jackets and helmets, and the least expensive falling under the category of small memorabilia, hats and shirts.

Planet Harley is an online Harley Davidson store that also sells current and discontinued Harley Davidson products. The company's inventory of discontinued products includes an array of jackets made of various materials, boots, scarves, shirts, picture frames and hoodies for both men and women. Item prices range from $40.00 for memorabilia to $350.00 for the most expensive leather jacket. Taking advantage of seasonal sales can provide the customer with some savings.

While Planet Harley's inventory is much smaller by comparison to House of Harley Davidson's, Planet Harley's everyday prices on certain items, mainly jackets, are somewhat lower.