What Stores Sell Ben Nye Makeup?

Ben Nye makeup is available from a variety of online stores, including MakeupMania.com, Camera Ready Cosmetics, Naimie's Beauty Center and MakeupMedley.com. Ben Nye products are also sold at brick and mortar stores selling dance or theatrical makeup.

Ben Nye makeup products are sold widely online, but not all websites are legally authorized retailers. The Ben Nye Company prohibits the selling of their products by third party retailers such as Amazon or Ebay. Ben Nye makeup, or imitations of it, are frequently sold on these two sites, but these sales are illegal and not authorized by the company.

To find a store that legally sells Ben Nye products, it is best to search online for "Ben Nye Authorized Retailer" and patronize one of the stores that comes up in the results. Most stores that legally sell Ben Nye products say so on their websites.

To find a brick and mortar store that sells Ben Nye products, customers can shop at stores that sell dance or theatrical supplies.The Ben Nye Company can also provide a list of its retailers based on location. The best way to contact a Ben Nye representative is through the company website.