What Stores Offer Arabic Goods and Traditional Clothing Online?


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Sites from native Arabic companies or companies seeking to appeal to Arabs, such as DesertStore.com and Hilal Plaza, offer authentic Arabic clothing and goods to consumers outside of the Arab world. Some walk-in retailers, such as Wal-Mart, carry Arabic-style clothing and goods in select areas.

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Online stores offering traditional Arabic goods and clothing buy their stock from local wholesalers or import from wholesalers in the Arab world before selling them to consumers. East Essence and some other manufacturers have the capability to ship their products to consumers directly when purchased on their site, rather than only selling to wholesalers and retailers. Some manufacturers like East Essence offer personalized clothing fits and styles when ordered directly from them. Imported goods from the Arab world suffer shipping costs and import taxes, and thus often cost more than Arabic-style clothing produced in-country or locally.

Arab and Muslim are not synonyms. Not all Arabs are Muslim and not all Muslims are Arab. However, due to the historical influence of Arab culture in Muslim-majority areas, Arabic style dress and goods are sometimes referred to as 'Islamic' or 'Muslim' rather than Arabic. Clothing or goods native to non-Arab Muslim-majority areas usually maintain separate identities and identifying adjectives.

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