What Stores Carry Peeling Nail Treatments?


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Stores that carry treatments for peeling nails include Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Sally's Beauty Supply, Walmart and Target. Nail treatments are available at these stores in-store or by ordering online.

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Nail peeling can be caused by many different things such as drastic weather changes, constantly submerging hands in soapy water, wearing acrylic nails or having gel manicures done frequently. In addition, peeling nails may be a result of an infection or skin disease, taking certain medications that deplete vitamins, applying extra stress to hands from doing chores, exposure to harsh chemicals and by eating a diet deficient in certain essential vitamins.

Among the brands of treatments for peeling nails carried at Sephora are high-end products made by companies such as Formula X and Dior that cater to a wide variety of nail health issues. Products include nail hydrators, nail strengtheners, nail ridge fillers, fortifying creams and nutritive serums for nails and cuticles. Ulta Beauty features different nail-strengthening products made by brands such as OPI and Nail Tek. Walmart, Target, and Sally's Beauty Supply all offer more budget-friendly nail and cuticle treatments made by companies such as Revlon and Sally Hansen. Vitamin B supplements are also recommended to help repair brittle nails.

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