How Do You Stop Thinning Hair?

To stop thinning hair, start with a volumizing shampoo, tea tree oil to condition the scalp and minoxildil to promote hair growth. Blot hair dry gently, take B vitamins, and consider a prescription for Propecia.

  1. Wash with the correct shampoo

    Use a shampoo designed to thicken hair, especially those designed for thinning hair. Alternatively, select an anti-dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole to improve scalp health.

  2. Apply tea tree oil as a scalp conditioner

    Mix one drop of tea tree oil with 10 drops of sweet almond oil. Rub this into the scalp, and massage for at least two minutes. If using another conditioner for the hair, apply this while the tea tree oil soaks into the hair. Rinse with warm water.

  3. Blot the hair dry

    Use a microfiber towel to squeeze excess moisture gently out of the hair. Do not rub or tug, as this could cause the delicate hairs to break.

  4. Apply minoxidil

    Pour a small amount of either 2 percent or 5 percent liquid minoxidil into your hand. Apply this directly to the areas of thinning hair. Five percent minoxidil is more effective, but it can increase facial hair growth.

  5. Take vitamin supplements

    Once a day, take a vitamin supplement that includes B7 and B12.

  6. Talk to your doctor

    If home remedies do not work, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for Propecia, which can be used in conjunction with the above regimen.