How Do You Stop Razor Bumps?


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Most razor bumps can be prevented by not shaving every day, softening the hair with warm water, using proper shaving techniques and cleaning the razor with rubbing alcohol after every use. Instead of shaving every day, shaving every two or three days is recommended.

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Softening facial hair before shaving can help prevent and get rid of existing razor bumps. This is done by rinsing the face with warm water prior to shaving. If possible, shower first or shave while taking a warm shower; alternatively, try soaking a wash cloth in warm water and laying it across the face for several minutes before shaving to expedite the process.

Proper shaving techniques include applying a good shaving cream to the face and letting it sit on the face for a few minutes. The shaving cream softens both the hair and the skin. It is also recommended to avoid shaving against the grain or over an area of the face more than two times when trying to get a close shave. People who have a tendency to easily get razor bumps should avoid using two-, three- and four-bladed razors. These blades lift the hair up during shaving, so it snaps back into place. Over time, this irritates the skin.

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