How Do You Stop Picking Your Face?


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Those who tend to pick at their face constantly should try to avoid doing so by using prevention strategies, such as occupying the hands, wearing gloves, keeping skin clean, covering mirrors and wearing nails. Keeping busy, ridding homes of picking implements and using other objects to suppress urges may help.

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When tempted to pick at the skin, find an activity that completely occupies the hands for a fairly short period of time. Wearing gloves or mitts on the hands while at home may also be an effective strategy to avoid picking at the skin. The ultimate goal is to suppress the urge to touch the skin as long as possible, which should become easier over time.

Keep the skin as clean as possible to reduce the risks of blemishes that may bring on bouts of skin picking. Stay as busy and active as possible to reduce free time that may be used to pick at skin. When the urge to pick at the skin arises, care for it instead by using products such as moisturizer. Remove all objects used while skin-picking, such as tweezers, from the immediate surroundings. Buy objects such as squeezable rubber balls to replace the tactile needs of skin picking.

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