How Do You Stop the Itch After Shaving?

Prevent skin from being too dry before and after shaving, and remove shaving cream or gel residue after shaving to prevent itching after shaving. Choose shaving products that moisturize instead of dry the skin, avoid drying showering techniques and use moisturizing products before and after shaving to reduce or stop the skin from itching.

Shaving gels or creams with a high alcohol content can dry or tighten the skin and cause itching after shaving. Use fragrance-free shaving products that contain moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, glycerin and natural oils to prevent itching. It is also important that the product contains bacteria-fighting ingredients to prevent irritation that causes itching.

To provide further skin protection, apply drops of pre-shaving oil under the shaving product to be sure that the razor glides smoothly over the skin. When shaving in the shower, avoid hot water to keep the skin from drying out, and use a moisturizing deodorant soap to hydrate the skin. It is important to remove all shaving residue after shaving by thoroughly rinsing the skin. Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing to prevent irritation. Applying a moisturizing oil or lotion daily prepares the skin for the exfoliating process of shaving.