How Do You Stop Ingrown Hairs?

How Do You Stop Ingrown Hairs?

To stop ingrown hairs, exfoliate the skin with a salicylic acid liquid cleanser prior to shaving and shave with the grain. You need a soft-bristle face brush, a salicylic acid liquid cleanser, a non-acnegenic shaving cream for sensitive skin and a single-blade razor.

  1. Wet a soft-bristle face brush, and apply a liquid cleanser

    Run the face brush under water to get it wet, and apply a salicylic acid cleanser to the bristles.

  2. Scrub the skin in a circular motion

    Scrub in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin in a gentle manner. Rinse the skin clean with water.

  3. Shave the area

    Lather the skin with a non-acnegenic shaving cream. Use a single-blade razor and do not pull on the skin or apply too much pressure to the razor. Rinse with water afterward.