How Do You Stop Hair Loss?

How Do You Stop Hair Loss?

Stopping or reversing hair loss starts with ensuring the body is receiving proper nutrition and avoiding stress as much as possible. Additionally, look for ways to prevent hair damage that is often caused by over-processing and harsh chemicals. The use of special hair care products can also help prevent or stop excessive hair loss.

  1. Make dietary changes

    Because hair is made up mostly of protein along with amino acids and peptide bonds, diet modification is an important step in stopping hair loss. Add foods that are high in protein and avoid processed foods. Eat more foods that contain zinc, iron and vitamin C. Take daily vitamins that are high in vitamin B and biotin. Introduce silica into the daily diet.

  2. Avoid or reduce stress

    Prolonged periods of stress are often a prime factor in excessive hair loss. To stop or reverse hair loss, avoid stress or reduce stress levels.

  3. Limit chemical treatments and heat usage

    Chemical products such as coloring, bleaching and perms damage hair and cause hair loss. So does excessive use of heated styling tools. To stop or reverse hair loss, limit the amount of chemical hair treatments regularly used. Also, limit the use of heated hair-styling tools.

  4. Use clinical hair care products

    Several hair care products, including Propecia and Rogaine, are clinically proven to stop or reverse hair loss with regular use. Select one of the products, and use it regularly.