How Do You Stop Hair Growth on the Chin?


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To permanently stop hair growth on the chin, a person can opt for electrolysis, where an electrical current is used to damage hair follicles to stop hair growth, according to MedlinePlus. The method is expensive and generally requires multiple treatments by a dermatologist or physician for desired results.

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An additional option to permanently stop hair growth on the chin is laser hair removal, explains MedlinePlus. With this process, lasers are aimed at the melanin in the hair and pinpoint dark-colored hairs. With both laser hair removal and electrolysis, the skin may appear swelled, red and scarred following treatment.

Temporary hair removal is also an option to stop hair growth on the chin. Unwanted or excessive hair on the chin can be plucked or waxed, although this method may be painful and cause swelling or skin darkening, notes MedlinePlus. Chemical treatment and shaving are other options to help remove unwanted chin hair.

Although there are many causes of hair growth on the chin, one of the most common occurs when women produce too much of a male hormone known as androgen, according to MedlinePlus. Unwanted hair growth may also be a result of genetics and a side effect of some medications.

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