How Do You Stop Gray Hair?


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Graying hair cannot be fully stopped, as most individuals will eventually get gray hair as they age, unless their hair falls out. Changes to diet, lifestyle and use of certain medicines can help to slow down the graying of hair and keep hair from turning gray earlier than it normally would.

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Diets low in vitamin B12 can lead to premature graying of hair. This can come from not getting enough protein or having had surgery around the stomach, which prevents the stomach from absorbing the vitamin. Such surgeries include gastric bypass, meaning that maintaining healthy levels of diet and exercise can help prevent premature gray hair. Avoiding smoking can also help, as cigarettes have been linked to premature gray hair.

Certain alternative medicines claim to be able to combat greying hair. These typically include the herb he shou wu, although practitioners urge individuals to get a consultation from a doctor in order to determine if the herb will be helpful for them.

Another herb some consume is bhringaraj, and its practitioners claim that it strengthens the liver and kidneys, helping to fight grey hair. As with he shou wu, a consultation with a personal physician is recommended before consuming any herbs.

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