How Do You Stone Wash Jeans?

Stone wash jeans by placing them in the washer with pumice stones. Obtaining the stone-washed look requires a pair of jeans, a washer and pumice stones. Abrading the jeans with the pumice to get the desired look usually takes under one hour.

  1. Select a pair of jeans

    Select a pair of jeans to be stone washed. Jeans that have a freshly dyed look work best with this process.

  2. Place the jeans in the washer

    Load the jeans in the washer. Several pairs can be stone washed at the same time if desired. Don't add any other clothing to the wash since this process can damage some materials.

  3. Add the pumice stones

    Place several pumice stones in the washer. It is these stones that create the worn look.

  4. Wash the jeans

    Turn on the washer. As the washer runs, the pumice stones rub against the jeans, creating a softer, worn texture on the fabric.

  5. Remove the jeans from the washer

    Remove the jeans from the washer, and check for the desired effect. The pumice stones may rub against the buttons and rivets, causing damage to these metallic parts. The waistband and hemline may have more wear than other areas. If the jeans are not worn enough, repeat the process.

  6. Dry the jeans

    Once the desired effect is achieved, dry the jeans as usual.