How Do You Find a Stompeez Size Chart?

Sizing information for Stompeez slippers are available on product listings through sites such as, and, as of 2015. Many retailers do not publish size details on online listings or include a specific size chart, though some physical product packaging may include a listing for recommended size.

The majority of the sizes for the slippers focus on younger children, though some retailers do carry adult sizes. features items primarily from third party sellers through its Amazon Marketplace program, and the size selection varies between styles. Many of the items it offers only appear in general categories, such as Small, Youth and Adult. Next to each description is an estimation of the matching shoe sizes to which each slipper size correlates. contains more size information for its available products, listing out a recommended age range for different sizes.

Stompeez slippers are a line of novelty accessories that resemble traditional casual footwear with the addition of various characters from movies and television shows, along with generic creatures created by the manufacturer, on the front area of the slippers. These characters appear as small plush stuffed toys sewn onto the top of the area that covers the toes. The main distinguishing feature is that when the person wearing the slipper takes a step, the character moves in some fashion, such as popping upward or opening its mouth.