How Do You Do Stiletto Nails?

How Do You Do Stiletto Nails?

To do stiletto nails, select 10 artificial nails, shape the tips into points, apply a base coat, cover the nails with colored polish, apply a clear topcoat, and glue the artificial nails over your natural ones. This 45-minute process requires artificial nails, nail glue, scissors, a nail file and nail polish.

  1. Choose the nails

    Select 10 artificial nails, and lay them flat on your work surface.

  2. Shape the nails

    Use scissors to cut the nail tips into points, and refine the shape of each nail with a nail file. The classic stiletto shape has slightly rounded sides. Place each nail over the corresponding nail bed, and file the edges of any nails that are too wide for the bed. Set the nails back on your work surface.

  3. Apply polish

    Paint the nails with a clear base coat, and give them several minutes to dry. Apply one or two coats of colored polish, and leave the nails undisturbed until the polish is hard and dry. Seal the color with a clear top coat. To reduce the risk of chipping, apply the top coat on the surface of each nail and on the underside of each nail tip.

  4. Attach the nails

    Place a bead of nail adhesive on one fingernail, set an artificial nail on the adhesive, and press down the nail for several seconds. Repeat with the remaining nails.