What Are the Steps to Tie a Tie?


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A tie is tied using a prescribed series of loops and knots, which typically begins by draping the tie around the neck and bringing the long end over the short one. Popular tie knots include the Windsor, the half-Windsor and the four-in-hand.

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What Are the Steps to Tie a Tie?
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To tie a tie, drape it around the neck, and position it so that the narrow end is shorter than the wider one. Bring the shorter end to the center of the chest or a little bit lower.

To create a Windsor knot, pass the long end over the short one, and loop the long end up through the center, which is by the throat. Before proceeding, check to make sure the fabric on both ends is facing right-side out. Next, bring the long end behind the short one, and loop it through the center so that the wrong side is facing out. Pass the long end over the short one and then up through the center. Next, thread the long end through the knot at the throat, and adjust the knot to the desired tightness by pulling the knot up with one hand and the short end down with the other. As you tighten the knot, leave a dimple at the center.

The half-Windsor knot is similar to the Windsor, but it has two loops instead of three. The four-in-hand is even simpler with only one loop, and it is typically styled a bit more unevenly than the Windsor knots and does not have a dimple.

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