What Are the Steps to Resole Footwear?

What Are the Steps to Resole Footwear?

To resole footwear, remove the old soles, file the new soles, apply adhesive, press the soles into place, drive nails through the heels, and smooth the heels with a rasp. This two-hour project requires a razor, contact cement, a glue brush, a hammer, nails, a rasp, a utility knife and a vise.

  1. Remove the old soles

    Remove the old soles with a razor knife, and discard them.

  2. File the new soles

    File the tops of the new soles until they are rough. The uneven surface strengthens the adhesive bond between the soles and shoes.

  3. Apply contact cement

    Paint the soles with contact cement. Give the adhesive time to set as indicated in the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Attach the soles

    Turn the shoes upside down. Carefully lay the soles in place, and press down on them firmly. Wait 5 minutes, then put the shoes on. Walk around in the shoes for several minutes.

  5. Nail the heels

    Take off the shoes, and turn them upside down. Secure one shoe over a closed metal vise, and hammer three to five short nails into the heel. Repeat with the other shoe.

  6. Trim the soles

    Inspect the new soles, and trim them with a knife if necessary. Discard the scraps.