What Are the Steps to Get Red Hair Like Ariana Grande?

To get red hair like Ariana Grande, purchase an over-the-counter hair dye that matches your skin's hue, apply it to the hair and maintain the red color with unsweetened cranberry juice. Avoid frequent showers and direct sunlight in the weeks after dying the hair.

  1. Find the correct shade of red

    Look for a permanent red hair dye that matches Ariana Grande's hair tone and also complements your skin tone. For a darker skin tone, purchase a rich, violet red. For a lighter skin tone, purchase a bright, copper red.

  2. Divide the hair

    Divide the hair into four sections. Separate the hair on each side from ear-to-ear, and separate the two sections vertically from the forehead to the neck. Clip the hair to keep the four sections separate.

  3. Brush on the dye

    Dip a hair-dye brush into the red hair dye. Take the left front section of hair out of the clips. Brush the hair dye onto this section of hair, only applying dye to 1 or 2 inches of hair at a time. After the dye completely covers the section of hair, repeat this for the three remaining hair sections.

  4. Set the dye

    Find the recommended processing time on the hair dye instruction packet. Set a timer and wait.

  5. Rinse and dry the hair

    Rise the dye completely out of the hair until the water runs clear. Let it air dry, or dry it with a hairdryer.

  6. Protect the hair color from fading

    Maintain the red hue by rinsing the hair with unsweetened cranberry juice twice per week.