What Are the Steps to Planning a Fashion Show?

The steps for planning a fashion show are: putting together a crew, choosing a venue, getting the clothes, finding the models and sorting the order in which the clothes will be demonstrated. In addition, the plan must include dealing with unexpected situations and cleaning up afterward.

To plan a fashion show, each step must be thought through, from choosing a date to post-event publicity. The fashion show can be as glamorous or simple as the budget allows.

Step 1: Put together a team

Assign all the roles necessary to carry out a fashion show, inviting hired experts or friends and volunteers. The roles include: an emcee, a PR officer, a make-up artist, a wardrobe officer and people who will set up the show and clean up afterward.

Step 2: Pick a venue

The fashion show can be held in a theater, a school or a park. Think about the runway; is there one at the venue? If not, the models can just walk on the stage.

Step 3: Collect the clothes

Clothes for the show can be borrowed from a local fashion designer, friends or from a vintage clothes store. Ask friends to check their wardrobes.

Step 4: Recruit the models

Professional models can be enticed to participate if the fashion show is for a good cause or will be reported in media with photos. Otherwise, college and high school students will likely reply to ads put on social media websites and around campuses.

Step 5: Prepare the order of the show

Take photos of the models wearing the outfits and pin the photos to the items. Then put the individual items of clothing on hangers in the order they are supposed to appear in the show.

Step 6: Expect the unexpected

Appoint a person who will take care of emergencies during the show, such as wardrobe malfunctions and members of the crew calling in sick. Finally, don't forget to clean up after the show.