What Are the Steps for a Pedicure for a Man?

steps-pedicure-man Credit: Leland Bobbe/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

A pedicure for men usually involves soaking the man's feet, scrubbing off any dead skin, getting rid of any impurities on the feet, massaging the feet and shaping the toenails. Unlike a pedicure that is performed on a woman, the man's toenails are generally not painted unless a layer of protective clear coat is applied to the toenails.

A pedicure should always begin with a foot soak. A soak can involve a special foot soak preparation or can simply consist of warm, soapy water. The man should be instructed to soak his feet for around 10 minutes to allow the skin on the feet to soften up. After the foot is soaked in the solution, the foot should be taken out of the water and should be patted dry. The dead skin on the feet can be removed with a gentle scraper or a pumice stone. Care should be taken to avoid cutting the feet or taking off too much healthy skin they can easily become very sore. After scraping and trimming, the feet and ankles can be massaged, using a lotion or oil that has a masculine scent. The toenails can then be shaped with a file and the cuticles can be pushed back.