What Steps Are Involved in Putting Short Hair Into a Messy Bun?


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Short hair can be put into a messy bun by gathering it into a pony tail, twisting it into a bun, securing it with pins and pulling small sections of hair out of the bun. A hair elastic, bobby pins and styling products are the only supplies needed. With practice, a messy bun should take no longer than a few minutes to achieve.

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Messy buns work best on hair that is clean but not freshly washed. Use styling products to give hair texture and grip if needed. Brush hair into a pony tail in the desired location of the bun. Messy buns are commonly found at the nape of the neck or low on the side of the head. Push or lift the pony tail for desired volume around the crown of the head.

Twist the pony tail around itself and secure with bobby pins. Use two bobby pins crossed through the center of the bun, one on each side of the bun, and one of the bottom. Using the fingers, pull out small sections of hair. The fine baby hairs at the temples, around the ears and at base of the neck can be pulled out to give the bun the look of having been up all day. If desired, the ends of the hair can be pulled out of the twist to keep the bun from looking too sleek.

Even hair that is too short for a pony tail can be rolled or twisted into a bun and pinned. The shorter pieces of hair naturally fall out, creating the coveted messy look.

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