What Are the Steps for Applying Eye Shadow?

What Are the Steps for Applying Eye Shadow?

Eye shadow can highlight and brighten your eyes, as well as make them seem larger and more dramatic. Eye shadow is best applied by choosing complementary shades and blending it appropriately.

  1. Prep and prime your eyes

    Keep your eyes and skin healthy. Make sure to moisturize your eyes and use hydrating eye masks from time to time. Eyelid primer is a good foundation for eye shadows, as it smooths out wrinkles and helps the colors adhere to the surface.

  2. Use different shades for different parts

    Use different colors for your lid, for the area up to and including your eyebrows and for the crease of your eyelid. First, apply a light color up to the brow bone. Follow this with a medium shade across the lid. Finish with the darkest shade in the crease. Blend the three shades so the transition between them is smooth and looks natural.

  3. Use a light color to highlight

    Dabbing a small amount of white shadow on the inner creases of the eye, or sometimes on the lids, is a clever way to make your eyes seem brighter. The light color draws attention to the eyes, which then seem larger in relation to the rest of the face.

  4. Choose a color scheme that complements you

    Some shades tend to look best with certain eye colors. For blue eyes, copper, peach, orange or blue shadows work well. For green eyes, try golds, purples or greens. Brown eyes have the most flexibility, but they go well with deep browns and some shades of blue.