What Are Some Step-by-Step Nail Art Designs?


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One step-by-step nail art design requires a loofah and two nail colors. First, a base color is painted onto the nails. Next, the loofah net is placed over each nail while the second color, glitter or matte polish is applied. The result is a two-tone fishnet design.

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What Are Some Step-by-Step Nail Art Designs?
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Another design requires two nail colors and a nail art brush or bobby pin. First, the base color is painted onto the nail. Next, using the brush or bobby pin, an L shaped line is drawn from the bottom third of the nail around to the end of the nail in the second nail color. The second color is painted into the smaller side of the nail design.

One design uses a splatter effect with at least three colors including a white base color. First, tape is applied to the skin around the nail, and then the white base color is applied. Once dry, the other splatter colors are dripped onto a disposable surface. A disposable straw is dipped into one of the colors until the end is covered. Next, the paint is blown out of the straw and splattered onto each nail individually. This step is repeated with different colors. When the tape or glue is removed, any color that bled through to the skin is cleaned with a Q-tip doused in nail polish remover.

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