What Are Step-by-Step Instructions to Style Hair in a Comb Twist?


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To style the hair in a comb twist, wash the hair, remove any tangles, and then divide it into sections using horizontal partings. Comb defining gel creme gel through a 1/4-inch section of hair, ensuring even coverage. Slide a comb into the section of hair, and twist the comb around, coiling the hair into a tight spiral. Pull the comb slightly downwards as you twist.

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So that the finished style looks balanced, be sure to work with even sections of hair. Using smaller sections of hair creates a fuller finished look. It is important to twist the hair starting right at the scalp to ensure that the style holds. Continue twisting sections of hair until twists cover the whole head. To set the style, sit under a hooded dryer until the gel dissipates. Leave the hair in tight twists, or pull them slightly to loosen the curls and add volume.

After finishing the coils, continue to wash the hair once the coils. If the hair begins to lock, use a deep conditioner, and detangle the hair. At night, wear a satin scarf or other bonnet to preserve the hairstyle. With proper care, the curl can remain in place for weeks.

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