What Is Steampunk Jewelry?


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Steampunk jewelry blends the aesthetics of both Victorian-era England and the industrial revolution as well as futurist mechanisms reminiscent of science fiction. Steampunk styles also rely heavily on mechanical influences, often incorporating these materials into the jewelry.

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Common items found in steampunk jewelry include gears, cogs, antique keys and medals. These can be incorporated into jewelry such as necklaces or rings or styled onto clothing or other pieces by themselves. Steampunk jewelry often mixes metals such as copper and bronze together as part of the style. Jewelry made in this style often has a base that's a pre-made vintage piece of jewelry with steampunk elements added on. A typical piece of steampunk jewelry is clunky and contains a variety of vintage odds and ends to fit the steampunk mold.

The term "steampunk" is said to have been originated in the 1980s by science fiction author K. W. Jeter as a variant of the term "cyberpunk," though these two terms are considered to be separate. Steampunk fashions and ideas are largely inspired by the work of notable science fiction novelists, such as H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. While steampunk is largely science fiction-based, elements of fantasy, horror and historical fiction can also be incorporated into the style.

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