How Do You Get Static Out of Hair?

How Do You Get Static Out of Hair?

To remove static from your hair, smooth your hair with a dryer sheet, apply hair oil, and finish with hairspray. Use conditioner and leave-in moisturizers to prevent static.

  1. Smooth your hair with a dryer sheet

    Dryer sheets reduce static electricity. Smooth a dryer sheet over your hair when static is a problem. Place dryer sheets inside your pillow case or in your hat to prevent your hair from collecting static.

  2. Apply hair oil

    After smoothing your hair with the dryer sheet, spread hair oil through your hair, concentrating on the ends. The oil reduces static by locking in moisture and weighing the hair down. Avoid applying too much oil, and stay away from the scalp, as the oil can make your hair greasy.

  3. Finish with hairspray

    After minimizing static with the dryer sheet and oil, use a light hairspray to keep static away and hold the hair down. Apply only a small amount of hairspray, as the alcohol can dry your hair out and make static worse if you use too much.

  4. Prevent static

    Spray your hairbrushes with hairspray to prevent static when brushing. Use conditioner each time you wash your hair, and use a leave-in conditioner once a week to prevent static.