How Do You Start Sisterlocks?

start-sisterlocks Credit: rubberball/Getty Images

Sisterlocks are started by creating a precise parting grid all over the scalp, and using a locking tool to move the natural hair into a locked formation. Unlike other forms of hair locking, this does not require the use of hair gels or pomades. On the average head, Sisterlocks creates about 400 locks.

Creating Sisterlocks generally requires at least 1 1/2 inches of natural hair. Those with shorter hair may still get Sisterlocks, but 1 1/2 inches is the standard for manageable, durable locks. As the hair grows out, it will begin to form its own natural locked pattern.

The average Sisterlocks starting session takes about 15 hours to perform. This is dependent on the client's head size, hair length and hair thickness. It is a good idea to receive a consultation prior to the first Sisterlocks session. During the consultation, the stylist educates the client on the Sisterlocks method, the estimated completion time and what to expect during the first session. He may also perform a few test locks to show the client what the style entails.

Sisterlocks differ from other type of lock styles because it uses no extensions. By using only the client's natural hair, the scalp is not distressed by extra weight or tension. This allows the hair to grow to its full potential.