How Do You Start Your Own Beauty Pageant Business?

The first step to starting your own beauty pageant business is to choose a type of pageant to specialize in. Next, secure a venue, write a business plan, get a sponsor or secure funding, develop a pageant schedule and create a website.

  1. Select a pageant

    Choose between a full glitz, hobby glitz or natural pageant. Come up with pageant categories and criteria for entry to the pageant. Familiarize yourself with the industry by learning the business and researching trends.

  2. Secure a venue

    Find a suitable location to hold your pageant. Renting out a ballroom or conference room at a hotel is a good choice.

  3. Formulate a business plan

    Write a business plan detailing the financial and operational aspects of your pageant. Present your business plan to potential investors, such as toy companies and modeling agencies. Entry fees, personal finances and bank loans are alternative sources of funding. Acquire the relevant insurance, and take care of the legal obligations required in your area.

  4. Develop a schedule

    Create a schedule for your event. Allocate sufficient time for check-in, show time and crowning contestants in the different age groups and categories.

  5. Create a website

    Design a website for your pageant detailing important information, such as the event location, date and time. Allow visitors to download applications forms or to apply online.