How Do You Start Off Dreadlocks in Your Hair?


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Methods for starting dreadlocks in hair include using comb coils, having hair palm rolled, finger twisting and the neglect method. Kinky or curly hair creates better dreadlocks than straight hair. People with dreadlocks regularly wash their hair, although society commonly believes that people with dreadlocks neglect this hygiene step.

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People who choose to create dreadlocks with comb coils or with the palm rolling method typically use a hairdresser to start the process. The hairdresser parts hair into even sections and rolls the hair with a small-toothed comb to create comb coils. Dreadlocks created using this method may unravel when wet. The palm rolling method involves the hairdresser rolling small sections of hair between her palms and coating the hair with gel.

The finger twisting method of creating dreadlocks involves twisting sections of hair and coating the hair with beeswax, oil or water. Pinning new twists together prevents unraveling. Beeswax prevents new dreadlocks from unraveling and is inexpensive, but the dreadlocks may build up residue and hold lint or dust until the wax dissolves.

Traditional Rastafarians use the neglect method to create dreadlocks. They wash their hair, shake the water out, and leave the hair alone until it naturally forms dreadlocks. Hair naturally forms dreadlocks in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures if people do not cut or brush the hair.

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