How Do You Start Dreads With Short Hair?

To start growing dreadlocks, or dreads, on short hair, divide the hair into small sections, apply product, and twist. There are various ways to begin dreads on short hair, but this is one of the most common.

  1. Part hair into small sections

    The size of each section should be uniform. It's important to decide in advance the size of the desired dreadlocks. Larger sections result in fatter dreads. Use a small comb to create even parts.

  2. Divide each section into two smaller sections

    Working on one section at a time, divide each section into two parts. Add a dab of alcohol-free gel, pomade or beeswax if desired to help the hair hold in place. Make sure each part is as even in size as possible. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb.

  3. Twist each section

    Beginning at the roots, twist the two portions of hair around each other all the way to the ends. An additional dab of product may help hold ends in place. Repeat twisting each section all over the head.

  4. Pin in place

    If you have wavy or curlier hair, use a flat hair pin to hold each section in place so that the hair doesn't unravel as easily.