How Do You Start Dreadlocks Using the Two-Strand Twist Method?

To start dreadlocks using the two-strand twist method, divide the hair into individual sections, then split each section in half and wind these strands around each other from the roots to the tips. As of 2015, the two-strand method is the most common way to start dreadlocks, according to hairstyle website

To use the two-strand twist method to start dreadlocks, first divide the hair into large, square-shaped sections using a comb or fingers. Next, separate two strands of hair within each section, and twist them around each other in a clockwise fashion, working from the left to the right. Another option is to braid the strands together at the roots before twisting in order to keep them tight. Using dread cream during the twisting process helps the strands to stick together better. After each pair of strands has been twisted together, secure the bottoms of the newly formed dreadlocks tightly with hair elastics.

Winding the hair in a clockwise direction is typically preferred to counter-clockwise, as most people's circular hair growth occurs in a clockwise direction. Not only do clockwise-twisted strands work with the natural growth pattern of the hair, but twisting in the same direction keeps the dreadlocks straight and consistent as they grow. In general, after starting dreadlocks, the hair takes 2 to 6 months to lock into place. In the event that the strands come loose before they lock, rubbing them in a clockwise fashion is more effective than trying to re-twist the hair to tighten them.