How Do You Start Dreadlocks by Braiding and Twisting Hair?


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Section your hair into small square pieces, and apply beeswax. Twist hair, and pin sections together to prevent them from straightening. Continue twisting and waxing until dreads form.

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  1. Divide hair into sections

    Divide your hair into square sections, and use bobby pins to keep each section apart. Make thin sections for small dreads or larger sections for thick dreads. Alternatively, vary the widths for a less organized look.

  2. Twist sections

    Coat each section lightly with beeswax, and twist it to start the dreading process. If your hair is very fine, use a fine-tooth comb to back-comb it before adding the wax. Start at the top and work to the bottom. After you finish three or four sections, pin them together to prevent unraveling.

  3. Maintain twisted hair

    When you feel that the beeswax has melted out of your hair, reapply and re-twist until the dreads begin staying in place on their own. Wash hair only occasionally during this period, making sure the dreads do not come undone.

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