How Do You Get Spray Tan Off Your Body?

How Do You Get Spray Tan Off Your Body?

There are a number of ways to remove a spray tan. Methods include lemon juice and vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, pumice stones, exfoliating mitts and a hot soapy bath.

The most gentle way to remove a spray tan is to mix together lemon juice and vinegar and to apply it directly to the body. This removes some of the color, but it does not remove very dark stains.

Hydrogen peroxide is a stronger method of removing a spray tan, but it is harsher on the skin and may leave an uneven skin tone.

Pumice stones are also a stronger method. They are intended to be used on the soles of the feet and the hands only and can be very abrasive if used on other parts of the body.

Alternatively, it may be beneficial to take a long, soapy bath and to scrub the body with an exfoliating mitt. The better the quality of the glove, the faster it can remove the spray tan.