How Do You Spot Fake Louis Vuitton?

The best way to spot a fake Louis Vuitton wallet or purse is to be familiar with the product that interests you. Visit a boutique or authorized Louis Vuitton dealer so that you are sure the merchandise being inspected is authentic.

Many Louis Vuitton bags have leather trim. If the bag you want to purchase has trim, feel the trim to verify that it is real leather and feels dry. Slippery, oily or sticky trim is not genuine leather.

Take notice of the stitching on the entire bag. It needs to be perfectly even; any fluctuation in stitch spacing is a sign of a counterfeit. Another stitching flaw to look for is back-and-forth stitching.

Louis Vuitton has extremely high quality standards, so to spot a fake, look for imperfections. Check that the pattern on either side of the outside seam matches perfectly. Know the color of the liner in the item you intend to purchase. The item in question needs to have that precise color liner, not an approximation.

Feel that the hardware on the bag is heavy and securely fastened. Also, if the hardware is stamped with the Louis Vuitton logo, verify that the genuine product has that stamp.

Check for any imperfections in the design to verify the authenticity of the print. An example of a print imperfection is poorly aligned colors in the print design. Any area that shows one color bleeding outside a defined border or that shows the background color within a colored area is a fake.

The last thing to verify is where the product is made. Many fakes are stamped "Made in France," but not all genuine Louis Vuitton products are made there.