What Are Some Spiral Perm Hairstyles?

What Are Some Spiral Perm Hairstyles?

A spiral perm yields corkscrew curls that women can style in long or medium hairstyles with or without bangs. Spiral perms can be in hair that's all one length or that features layers.

Hairstylists can create spiral perms with curls that are kinky, medium or loose. No matter the diameter of the curl, spiral perms tend to yield a wild hairstyle with lots of body.

Sarah Jessica Parker once wore her hair in spiral curls. Her hair was all one length with no bangs and about five inches below her shoulders. The result was a large mane of tight curls all around her face and shoulders.

Another hairstyle with spiral curls features both layers and color. The color adds depth to the style and makes the curls stand out. The layers yield a more rounded silhouette to the hairstyle.

While spiral perms are typical for long hair, it's also possible to wear them on short hair. This looks better with looser curls. The resultant style features a lot of bouncy wavers around the face.

Stylist create spiral perms in one of two ways. They can use traditional perm rods that they wrap sideways toward the back of the head. This is appropriate for short or medium-length hair. Longer hair necessitates using plastic rings. The rings don't have quite as many size options as the perm rods.