Are There Special Toenail Clippers for Elderly People?

Toenail clippers for seniors have special features for easier operation, including extra-long handles, trigger-style operation, ergonomic design and attached magnifiers. These products allow people with limited mobility or eyesight to remain comfortable while maintaining their feet.

Easi-Grip long-handled toenail clippers resemble a pair of scissors, and their extra length makes it easier to reach the toes. The Pistol-Grip Remote model combines extra-long reach with a unique grip style to make clipping toenails less awkward. Mehaz Professional clippers are specially designed to cut thickened toenails with minimal effort, and Miracle Point toenail clippers offer a removable magnifier to support users with visual impairments. Because foot-related problems are sometimes the first indication of serious health conditions, the National Institute on Aging recommends that seniors regularly check their toes.