What Is Special About a Dominican Hair Salon?


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A Dominican hair salon is known for having lower prices than a traditional salon, and for working at a faster pace. A Dominican hair salon also features a unique hair straightening technique called the "Dominican blowout." Dominican hair salons also often use hair product brands that are different than the typical American salon.

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A shampoo and conditioning is the first step of a hair styling at a Dominican hair salon. The salon will use brands such as Kuz, Lacio Lacio or Sedal. Once washed, hair is detangled before being placed in the largest rollers possible for the hair. The hair is placed is magnetic rollers to smooth the hair for straightening and to decrease the time needed under the hood dryer. Once the hair is dryer, the rollers are removed and the hair will be blonde out with a large roller brush equipped with bristles.

The stylist directs a high-temperature hair dryer on the hair while brushing the hair from the root to the tip with the roller brush. A flat iron may then be applied to more resistant areas of the hair. The entire process uses a great amount of heat and pulling on the air, but also uses less products that could weigh down hair. Dominican blowouts enable clients with natural hair to receive the straightened look that is held in great value in Dominican culture for a lower price and faster styling time than many American salons.

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