What Are Some Sources for Free Haircutting Instructions?


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Free haircutting instructions, tutorials and videos are offered online through a number of sources, such as Hairfinder.com, Pinterest.com and YouTube.com. These websites provide information on how to cut many styles and lengths, with options for people cutting another person's hair (such as a client or child) and for those who cut their own hair.

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Hairfinder.com is a great free resource for those who are new to cutting hair or are unsure of what style they want to attempt. The website provides all the necessary information a beginner might need in one thorough section consisting of four pages: How to Cut Hair, DIY Haircutting Instructions, Do-It-Yourself Haircutting and Haircutting Techniques. These pages include links to haircut instructions for various styles, hair cutting questions and answers, product and book recommendations for aspiring professionals, and haircutting templates.

For those who already have a specific length or style in mind, Pinterest.com and Youtube.com can be useful tools for finding instructions. Pinterest.com is "a mecca of hair inspiration complete with instructions," according to TheFashionSpot.com, and this mecca includes a wealth of haircutting tutorials, images and ideas. Users can search for their desired length or style and enter the words "haircut tutorial" to receive numerous relevant results. Those who prefer video tutorials to written instructions and pictures can visit YouTube.com and use the same system of searching the desired style plus the words "haircut tutorial" to yield a variety of free video instructions.

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