What Are the Best Sources of Copper Scrap?

What Are the Best Sources of Copper Scrap?

Some of the best sources for scrap metal, including copper scrap, are found in the construction industries. Copper pipe, roofing material, electrical wiring and discarded air conditioners all are common copper items that can be recycled.

Plumbing projects are a great source for scrap copper. Plumbers often favor PVC pipe as it is easier to work with and discard the copper pipe after replacing it. The same is true of remodeling projects, as copper is used in many decorative and construction applications.

Other places where copper items and scrap pieces can be frequently found are garage sales, flea markets and auctions. Any number of household items, ranging from statues to pots and pans, are worth about $1 a pound on the market.

Household appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, also contain copper and are often easy to find, as most owners are happy to have them taken away. Another source of copper is roofing materials, as gutters and sheathing is used because it is pliable and weathers well.

When buying scrap copper, most dealers require an official bill of sale to satisfy requirements that the metal isn't stolen. Most reputable recyclers and scrap dealers also will call the authorities if they suspect stolen metal.