How Do Someone Choose a Semi-Permanent Hair Color for African-American Hair?


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Since textured African-American hair is naturally dry and brittle, it is a good idea to choose a semi-permanent hair color that contains the least chemicals since chemicals can dry up the hair even more, make it frizzy and even cause it to break. Some of the harsher components that are common in hair coloring agents are ammonia and peroxide, which are ingredients that may cause damage to African-American hair types.

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Color rinses or gentle rinses are one of the best semi-permanent options for African-American hair. This is because this type of hair coloring agent do not contain ammonia or alcohol, and they give the hair an added shine and color reflections. A color rinse coats the hair with color, but it will not penetrate the hair shaft. It is easy to apply and will last between six to 10 washes.

Henna is another good hair color option for African-American hair and it has been used as a cosmetic hair dye for thousands of years. It is extracted from plants and is an all-natural hair coloring agent, which means that it is devoid of any synthetic chemicals that may cause the hair to dry out. Henna is available in the colors black, dark red and indigo. Just like a color rinse, it is easy to apply and color will last for about a month.

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