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SolarNail is a line of products for creating artificial nails produced by the Creative Nail Design, or CND, company, and are part of the Liquid & Powder System, which features sculpting liquids and powders, including Moxie Liquid, Radical SolarNail Liquid, Retention+ Liquid and Retention+ Powders and Perfect Color Powders. Nail made using SolarNail products are also commonly referred to as pink and white nails.

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SolarNail products are made of a tough material that last longer than other artificial or acrylic nails. Due to their durability, they provide a firm base and do not need to be replaced as often as acrylic nails. SolarNail products need to be refilled after 3 weeks. The pink and white nails made using SolarNail products resemble a French manicure. These nails do not get chipped easily and have a naturally glossy finish that adds luster without the need for additional nail product applications.

Retention+ Sculpting powders are available in three different shades, including bright white, which is opaque, clear and intense pink in sheer. The Perfect Color Powder line comes in nine different shades that can be blended together to achieve different effects. The Radical SolarNail, Retention+ and Moxie Sculpting Liquids use a special polymerization and cross-linking system, which is activated when used with Perfect Color Powders.

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