What Are Solar Pink and White Nails?

solar-pink-white-nails Credit: Nick David/Taxi/Getty Images

Solar nails are artificial nails that are similar in look and appearance to acrylic nails. They are commonly referred to as "pink and white" because they have the appearance of a pink and white French manicure.

Solar nails are durable artificial nails that are applied quickly and easily. Before the solar nails can be applied, the real nails must be cleaned and the nail plate must be prepared. After this is done, the white portion of the French nail is painted on by a manicurist. The pink portion is then applied over the white, which gives the look of a French manicure. This is the final step of the process, as solar nails do not need an application of nail polish. Some people, however, like to apply a clear coat over solar nails for added shine.

There are many benefits to solar nails. They are long-lasting, they are chip resistant and they actually help to strengthen the real nails. Some artificial nails turn yellow when exposed to the light of tanning beds, but solar nails do not alter in color. They generally have a lifespan of about three weeks, which means that they last longer than the average artificial nail.